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Article: Not All Matcha is Created Equal: The Secret to SANA Matcha

Not All Matcha is Created Equal: The Secret to SANA Matcha

Not All Matcha is Created Equal: The Secret to SANA Matcha

Hey Sanalite!

The traditions surrounding the growth and production of Japanese green tea go back hundreds of years, but the green tea from Shizuoka - an area responsible for about 40% of all of Japan’s green tea production and the source of SANA matcha - is especially exquisite.

Shizuoka’s secret to producing such flavourful and aromatic tea involves the infamous Mt. Fuji, and all of the nutrients that can be found in the soil and water that surrounds it, as well as the dedication of Shizuoka’s tea farmers. 

Our SANA matcha green tea powder comes from Shizuoka for exactly this reason - to provide you with only the highest quality, great tasting green tea. 

source of SANA matcha - organic tea field and view of mt. fuji and tea fields plantation in shizuoka japan

Mount Fuji's Minerals for the Best Matcha

As an active, but dormant, volcano, the soil surrounding the base of Mt. Fuji and the area around it is rich with minerals that are key in successfully growing healthy, nutrient-rich green tea.

The abundance of minerals stems from the fact that the volcanic soil (Mt. Fuji last erupted in December of 1707) is fresher than the normal topsoil found in other parts of the country.

On top of that, rivers filled with fresh, clear water surround the numerous tea farms throughout Shizuoka, the constant flow providing the area with mineral-rich sediments and a clean source of hydration for the green tea shrubs.

Growing Green Tea: How Matters Just as Much as Where

In Shizuoka, the family-owned tea farms carefully handpick their green tea crops, ensuring that only the best green tea leaves are sent to be ground into a fresh, fine matcha powder. 

Between the location and the care of dedicated farmers that grow and process green tea, it is easy to see why such high quality, delicious tea comes out of Shizuoka. 

But don't just take our word for it - try SANA matcha and it'll be love at first sip.

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