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Our Story

From our Founder, Kylie Jane

"Hey Sanalite!

Welcome to SANA - your source of nourishment. 

SANA means "a healthy mind in a healthy body", and "radiance". 

We believe when you are well from within - nourished, calm and connected - you have the confidence, clarity and courage to shine your light brighter. 

Health is not a destination, nor is it about striving for perfection. It’s the daily nourishing micro-rituals that have the greatest impact on your health and happiness. 

We create and curate nourishing wellness essentials to boost and brighten your everyday - helping you shine bright Sanalite.


"I believe a healthy lifestyle should be nourishing, balanced and joyful. I encourage you to eat the rainbow (especially greens!), move your body, prioritise rest and consider joy as a nutrient. But most importantly - be kind, patient and compassionate with yourself and your body - trusting that it is always protecting and communicating with you." 

SANA founder, Kylie Jane

Kylie Jane is a Nutritionist and passionate wellness advocate. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Physiology, studied Nutrition and Dietetics, and professionally trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. She is also a certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Association). 


My health and wellness journey began over a decade ago, when I found myself struggling with disordered eating and lacking the energy to do the things I once loved. My hair thinned, my nails became brittle and my skin was dry - I had literally lost my shine. 

I wanted to feel better, and help others do the same. This passion led me down the path of studying physiology, psychology, nutrition, and yoga. 

Inspired by my own personal wellness journey from dull to well, and having lived in Asia for many years, I deeply believe in the concept of holistic health and how all aspects of our health, from the physical to the mental, are intimately connected.

We all (generally) know what's good for us - we should eat more fruits and veggies, move our bodies, manage our stress and sleep more. But the world of health and wellness can oftentimes feel overwhelming, contradictory and confusing - making it hard to know what's actually good for us, where to start and how to implement these habits into our lifestyles in a sustainable, balanced and - most importantly - joyful way.

I created SANA to inspire and empower you on your own health and wellness journey - wherever you may be - in a digestible, relatable way.

At SANA our mission is to help you discover radiant health through products and content that embody our four pillars of wellness: nutrition, movement, mindfulness and sleep. 

I believe we can learn so much wisdom from ancient, traditional superfoods and ingredients to enhance our modern wellness - which is what inspired our very first product - Organic Matcha Green Tea. With many more plant-based, superfood essentials to come!

By nourishing your body, you not only get better health, radiance and energy - you're are able to give the world the best of you, not the rest of you. You (and the world!) deserve it. 

I'm so excited to support your Sanashine."

Kylie Jane, xoxo