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Organic Matcha + Bamboo Whisk Set

Organic Matcha + Bamboo Whisk Set

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The matcha-making essentials 

  • SANA Organic Matcha Green Tea powder
  • SANA Bamboo whisk (100 prongs) 

Perfect as a gift, an on-the-go essential matcha set or those new to the world of matcha.

How to Care for your Bamboo Whisk: 

  • Soak your bamboo matcha whisk in hot water before use to bloom it
  • Whisk your SANA matcha powder in a W/M shape in your matcha bowl
  • Rinse your bamboo whisk in warm water immediately after use
  • Air dry your whisk on a ceramic whisk holder 
  • Store your whisk in your SANA matcha set in a cool, dry place

This will keep the whisk clean, keep the shape of the whisk and ensure it lasts longer. 

Not dishwasher safe.

Material: Bamboo

100 prongs

Designed in Japan

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