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SANA Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

SANA Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

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Everything you need for your daily matcha-making ritual

Our SANA Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set includes:

  • Glass Matcha Bowl with protective Canvas Pouch
  • Bamboo 100 Prong Zen Matcha Whisk (with protective sleeve)
  • Bamboo Serving Spoon (scoop) 
  • Ceramic Whisk Holder 
  • Stainless Steel Sifter 

Watch here or follow these steps for your own at-home matcha-making ceremony: 

  1. Use your bamboo scoop (Chashaku) to measure about 1 tsp of SANA Matcha green tea powder.
  2. Delicately place the Matcha powder into your glass matcha bowl (Chawan).
  3. Pour approximately 2-4 tbsp of warm (not boiling!) water into the bowl (this keeps the vibrant green colour & nutritional benefits of the matcha). 
  4. Use your bamboo matcha whisk to whisk in a "W/M" shape until blended & frothy.
  5. Your matcha is now ready to pour over 250ml of hot or cold water or milk of choice. 
  6. Sip & enjoy your jitter-free, calm matcha energy. 

Design & details 

Our one of a kind SANA Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set, is sustainably made using natural bamboo & recycled & recyclable materials. Travel friendly, our unique matcha tea set contains all of the tools needed to enjoy your morning matcha ritual - wherever you may be. 

    Designed in Cape Town | Fabricated in China

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