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Welcome to SANA

for Radiance From Within

our story & why

Welcome to SANA – your source of nourishing, down to earth, radiant wellness

our why

You! Our Sanalites.

SANA means "a healthy mind in a healthy body", and "radiance". 

We believe when you are well from within - nourished, calm and connected - you have the confidence, clarity and courage to shine your light brighter. 

We're here to walk alongside you on your wellness journey - wherever you may be - shining a light on the fundamentals, and making them digestible and accessible for you.

Our founder

As a Nutritionist, I created SANA to inspire and empower women through wellness - in a warm, digestible, relatable way.

My own health and wellness journey began over a decade ago, when I found myself struggling with dieting and disordered eating. My hair thinned, I had no energy, my skin dulled - I had literally lost my shine. 

I wanted to feel better, and help others do the same. SANA is a manifestation of that. My hope is that through our quality products and content you're able to prioritise your health, nourish yourself, make time for self-care and unearth your most radiant self.

our promise

At SANA, we are committed to creating and curating products consciously, with the utmost care, knowledge, and respect for you, our Sanalites.

As much as possible, we source our products from small, female-owned businesses, whose core values align with ours:

- Care + quality

- Small batch &/or handmade

- Science-backed ingredients & products, delivered with heart

- Transparent supply chain

- Conscious + sustainable packaging

new in the uk

A daily inner beauty powder for gut health, & radiant skin

At SANA, we believe radiant health begins within - in the belly. When our gut health thrives, so do we.

Hydrolysed for bioavailability & high absorption, our marine collagen powder is enhanced with our blend of probiotics for digestive wellbeing, as well as the digestive enzyme bromelain, to contribute to the digestion of collagen peptides.

Marine Collagen+ contains clean marine collagen derived from wild-caught, deep-sea fish to enhance skin elasticity, hydration, collagen density & protection deep within the skin. 

love notes from you

what sanalites say

"As a long time SANA customer, I was super excited to discover the new SANA Marine Collagen+ Powder. It is a total game-changer for me! The tasteless quality and lack of any fishy undertones make it a joy to include in my daily routine. As someone who values the importance of overall holistic wellness, this product has become a staple. I highly recommend it for a collagen + gut health boost. A solid 5/5 stars."

- Ivy Y

"I have been really happy with this product for the past 1.5(ish) years. Taste is really good, fresh, earthy. Colour is good, a beautiful bright green. Also great for people who are trying to get into drinking matcha, it's so easy to drink."

- Lauren M

Really lovely set. The quality is great and the items are so beautiful!

- Katherine D.

we ship throughout the uk

We offer nationwide shipping and returns. Our Standard Shipping fee is £4.00 (48hr). Opt for Express at £6.00 (24hr).

Customer service

We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.

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make matcha a ceremony

elevated essentials for your daily matcha-making ritual

Featuring traditional Japanese tools to effortlessly bring the magic of the matcha-making ceremony into your home, this carefully curated matcha kit inspires you to take a moment to pause and make matcha a daily ritual for radiant health. 

welcome to your radiant life, sanalite

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