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Article: 2023: The Year of Balance, Body Intelligence & Joy

2023: The Year of Balance, Body Intelligence & Joy

2023: The Year of Balance, Body Intelligence & Joy

Hey Sanalite!

You had the best intentions at the start of the year, but perhaps in the past you have found it hard to follow them through? 

This isn’t your fault. 

Diets are not designed to be sustainable. In fact, the research now confirms this.

When it comes to keeping resolutions, it is very important not to place pressure on yourself to do it all perfectly and follow the “perfect” diet – often this backfires, resulting in feeling demotivated, disappointed and giving up altogether. 

Think, balance, patience and compassion - make the best choices available to you at the time. Be proud of the small changes that you ARE making! As Kylie always says - it's what we do consistently that has the biggest impact, not what we do occasionally. 

You can live a nourished and healthy life without dieting. The key to building habits and long-lasting, sustainable change that you can carry on throughout the year, and beyond lies in the positive micro-habits and choices we make everyday.

By embracing a realistic and longterm mindset when it comes to your health and habits - instead of short-term setting resolutions. We have to start to think of the healthy life as a long-term, forever situation. A lifestyle, not a diet. A commitment to yourself, not a short-lived resolution. 

Here are our top 10 tips to embrace a balanced healthy life in 2023: 

  1. Take everything one step at a time. You don’t need to do everything at once! Remember that the journey to better health is not something achieved overnight, but if you begin your journey in winter you’ll feel revitalised and inspired by the time summer comes around.
  2. Move your body in a nourishing way for 150 minutes each week. Remember that exercise doesn't have to be strenuous and can be as simple as walking around your block or exploring a new neighbourhood.
  3. Be kind to yourself as you try new things. You may not be the best in your first pilates class (or your second), but it’s important to remember that every small step you make is helping you lead a happier and healthier life.
  4. Add more greens to your diet -  your belly and beauty bits will love you for it. Do this by experimenting with different dark green leafy produce and trying to eat in season – it’s more affordable and nature gives us what we need at different times of the year. 
  5. Reduce alcohol, caffeine and other liver loaders, like processed foods, to reduce bloating, and keep your skin clear and gut thriving. The recommended intake of alcohol for women is 2 glasses/units/day with two days alcohol-free/week. 
  6. Get inspired on Instagram. There are so many great recipe ideas and healthy tips to inspire you to take the next step towards better health. Remember to consult your Dr before making significant lifestyle changes. Some of our favourites include: @deliciouslyella, @pickuplimes, @mindbodygreen, @drmarkhyman, @iamwellandgood, @theguthealthdoctor and our very own @sanawellness for all things modern wellness.
  7. Get your family, friends or colleagues involved. Share the new recipes or exercises you’re trying with the people you love. This will make the journey to better health fun and keep you all accountable to your individual goals.
  8. Experiment with different cooking techniques. If you’re making an effort to eat more veggies, try roasting or steaming them as opposed to frying. It’s quick, easy and you might discover a new way of enjoying some old favourites.
  9. Listen to your body and trust that your body knows what it needs. Take each day as it comes and place your focus on what IS in your control - treat each meal as a moment to nourish yourself. Sometimes that's a healthful, nourishing salad, and sometimes that's an ice cream with friends.
  10. Don't punish yourself for that one ice cream. Enjoy it, and at your next meal instead of thinking "well I've ruined my diet today already, may as well order that three cheese pizza!", think "I'm so glad I nourished my mind and heart with friends. I enjoyed every melty moment of that ice cream, what will nourish me right now?". 

Here's to more moments of nourishment and joy - sharing your Sana-shine with the world. 

SANA, xoxo

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